Monday, 20 September 2010

First AS Assignment

Ok so I'm not sure if I have completed the assignment properly, particularly with the silhouette type shots but here are the pictures I'm taking with me to college that so me in my environment.

Here's my take on a multiplicity shot and shows me at work.  It is supposed to show that I am training different people all the time and that they are from a variety of ages and backgrounds.  Next time i'll get help as the camera has a moveable focus zone and this shot would have benefited with refocusing between each take.

This is pretty much how I see myself as its the only time I look in the mirror other than to throw a brush through my hair.  Camera was positioned directly behind me for the photo as my original plan of shooting backwards and pasting the shot in mirror didn't work.

Me playing with some erasing tools.  Quite pleased with this as it's my first attempt but fully understand there is a long way to go before I can consider myself adept with multiplicity shots.  The blurry hand and foot are because of the long exposure time due to the poor light.  I definitely need to keep still next time or get more light into the shot.  Composition could be better, I think a portrait orientation with me 'reaching for the light' might be better.

Here's me sat in front of a radar screen in a darkened room.  I took a series of these photos and my aim was originally to get the radar screen to reflect in my glasses but it just didn't work.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

AS Photography Week 1

First night at my new photography course and have left quite excited about the coming 30 weeks. There are 14 of us on the course and have a range of backgrounds and experiences. The course looks like its going to be well structured but as expected tonight was more about getting all the admin done and learning all about each other. I have a shopping list of items I need to get and my first homework assignment - to take a photo of myself in my environment. I've been trying to work on a mirror photo idea and I'm going to use one of those I think. I'll take my camera to work and see if anything inspires me - perhaps something with a radar screen reflected in my glasses but i'll have to tripod it due to the low lighting i'll need to get the reflection to work. I'll post my attempts later.